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Southern Utah University

Economics (B.S.), History (B.S.)

Saddleback College

Liberal Studies (A.A.)

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Starting in 2015, I worked on an ambitious project with my business professor, uncle, and community leaders. GoodSamNow was designed as a force for good in local communities. In many ways it was something that could bring whole communities together to serve each other. Essentially, members would use an app to find and help those in need in their communities. This theoretically would create a social safety net and provide a intimate help to those in need. Anyone could ask for help or let others know of those in need of help and where they are. 

Rakas - Social Entrepreneurship 

In 2014, I worked with students from my local college to tackle challenges facing the college and local community in a fun and creative way. We emphasized the use of social media as a means of creating "buzz for good" and encouraging other students to participate in helping the school and community. We fed the homeless, cleaned campus, honored veterans, helped elderly citizens, and so much more in a short period of about 1 month (after months of planning). 

Visualizing the Opioid Crisis in R - FourthView Media

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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